Sapota / Chikoo

Sapota / Chikoo

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Have you recently eaten sapota / chikoo in its entirety (without peeling off the skin)? Well many of our customers have. That for us tells us how good and true tasting our sapotas are when compared to the chemical ones. Most of our sapotas even though may feel rock hard, will definitely ripen (unless plucked early from the tree), this is again another differentiation from the conventional sapotas.

We typically get 2 varieties from our associated farms around Bangalore. Round (cricket ball) or oval (kali path). Since the oval ones are more tastier, unfortunately it also happens to be less in supply. 

Will be in semi-ripe stage when you receive it and will ripen in 2-3 days (put it in a brown bag or cover for faster natural ripening)

Did you know: We are told that the oval shaped ones are the true traditional sapotas vs the round, now who would have thought that!