Coco Peat Brick

Coco Peat Brick

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Cocopeat is a natural organic soil supplement which prevents the soil from hardening and keeps it loose, besides improving the water retention capacity and providing essential pant nutrients.

Most potted soil gets hardened and caked up over time. The cocopeat helps to keep the soil loose, which in turn enables roots to spread out easily, enjoy more breathing space and aeration, and consequently achieve better plant growth.  This is made out of coconut fibre.

High water retention, up to 7 times its weight.
Improves physical and biological condition of soil and reduces soil temperature.
Improves aeration and reduces frequency of irrigation.
Enhances strong and healthy root system, possesses natural rooting hormones.
Better yield and contains natural enzymes, humus and plant nutrients.
Combats the fungal and bacterial infections developed from soil.
Can be used as soil less grow medium for hydroponics.
Given its acidic pH, it is ideal for treating alkaline soils.

Usage: Submerge the brick in water and allow it expand into loose coco peat.